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Office Admin is a professional representing Explore Property Mackay. If you'd like to discuss your property with Office Admin, please use the above contact form.

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Learn, Develop, Inspire with Explore

The success of any company is largely due to the quality of the people within the company. Every day we all face challenges and every day we must make decisions that impact our success and the success of those we work with.

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Sell a property with Explore Property - Brent Tate did

Rugby League legend Brent Tate sells his family home with Explore Property.

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How To Make The Most of Selling in Winter

Most buyers have heard the term ‘spring selling season’. However, while Winter may not be the preferred time to sell in theory, there are many benefits to listing in the colder months.

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Selling your property at Auction

The auction method is a great way to sell or buy real estate.  An auction places a closing date on the process and allows for buyers to submit their best offer.

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Five tips when preparing your home for sale

Giovanni Spinella, Director of Explore Property Kirwan discusses his five most important tips when selling your home.

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Can your real estate agent change the actual market?

The answer is yes.  Whilst the market is driven by external influences that are numerous and varied, the commodity of property is transacted between people so it is logical that the attitude and approach of the parties involved; buyer, seller, and agent has a huge effect on the individual transaction which in turn has a bearing on the overall market.

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Buyer tips to help you through the process

Hi, it’s Andrew Acton, coming to you buyers with some tips that may help you through the process.


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Thinking like a Leader - Andrew Acton

Maddy Voinea from BDmag recently interviewed Explore Property Founder and Leader Andrew Acton.  These are the words that Andrew uses to describe his thriving real estate business.

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When is the best time to sell of rent a property?

One of the questions real estate agents get asked frequently is when is the best time to sell or rent out your property?  Historically, the best months of the year are September, October, November, that last quarter leading into Christmas simply because of people transferring into communities.

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Top Selling Methods Explained

There are a number of ways in which you might consider selling your home. These techniques work for different types of properties and can also be affected by your personal situation.

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The Cooling Off Period In Real Estate

When you are selling or buying a home, there’s often a clause called the “cooling off period” in the contract. Here’s what you need to know.

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward at The Open Home

At this part of the sales process you will have found the best agent in your area, had your property listed and will now be facing crunch time – the open home.

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