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Trevor Camilleri

Sales Agent

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Maxine Richardson

Sales Agent

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Natika Daniel

Assistant to Mark Daniel

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Crystal Hawkins

Sales Associate to Ron Palmer

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Lisa Purvis

Sales Associate to Mark Daniel

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Kellie Hooper

Sales Associate for Maxine Richardson

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Jordan Miller

Commercial Director

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Kelisha Day

Assistant to Jordan Miller

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Property Management

Kimberly Runde

Head of Property Management

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Timonee Hansen

Property Manager

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Taylor Collett

Property Manager

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Jada Beaumont

Property Manager

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Jidapa Camilleri

Leasing Consultant

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Davida Petersen

Property Manager

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Jodie Mogford

Assistant Property Manager

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Danielle Dempsey

Property Manager

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Tyler Smith

Director of First Impressions

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Georgia Parker

Sales Administrator

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Tanya Smith

Assistant to the Director

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